Severe Pain Management

Many people suffer from severe unrelenting pain. Many times they are under the impression there is nothing may be done, but there is acupuncture. It has a great track record of dealing with serve debilitating pain. Pain such as MIGRAINE, BACK PAIN, NECK PAIN,SHOULDER PAIN, KNEE PAIN, ETC.

Treating Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease

I have been working with patients suffering from MS, Parkinson disease for 17 years. Acupuncture is a great way to ease many symptoms of these diseases and with time possibly slow their progression. Acupuncture is excellent in dealing with Post Stroke Rehabilitation - the sooner the better.

Neurological Acupuncture

What is neurological acupuncture? It is a branch of acupuncture that deals with neurological conditions and their treatments. There are many neurological diseases and according to the World Health Organization and my personal experience many of them are treated with acupuncture.