"I first approached Alexander Kuzminov for acupuncture to relieve
carpal tunnel syndrome. My patient profile revealed chronic and
worsening problems from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Lyme disease.
Alexander told me what no mainstream medical practitioner could and
started to work with my problems in according with Chinese Medicine.
Here is what has been accomplished and confronted:
Full use of my hands with out pain and numbness
Allergies gone
Prostate now functions normally
Seborrhea dermatitis - gone
Restored digestive and bowel functions
Blepharatis practically gone
Acid reflux mostly healed
Spinal column vastly more mobility
Complexion excellent
Overall Energy and Wellbeing better and still improving
I look forward to continuing to work with Alexander in order to obtain optimal health.

Joe S. Darien, CT

For approximately 2 ½ months, I have been undergoing acupuncture
treatments by Alexander Kuzminov.  My treatments have primarily been for injured knees resulting from a skiing accident and for a tendonitis condition in my elbow from which I have suffered for almost 50 years.  I can say without equivocation that in each case there has been discernible improvement.  As a result of this experience, I have more recently sought treatment for some other ailments, more recent in nature. I have no reservation about recommending Alexander Kuzminov as a very knowledgeable and competent acupuncturist.”

SOR (age 66), New York.

                     June 4, 2008                        

JW - I am female, 72 yrs. of age and have had Osteoarthritis for over 10 yrs.  After
many years of a variety of unsuccessful orthopedic treatments, I decided to look
into Acupunture.  At that point, the severe pain was in my knees, back, hip and
upper arms.  After researching Acupunture on the internet, I chose to see Alexander
Kuzminov, MS, L.Ac.  My first visit was in Nov. 2007.  At that point, I was taking
Tylenol, and Ibuprofen three to four times a day, to no avail.  My visits were 2
times a week at first, for approximately 4 months, down to once a week presently. 
My overall pain level is now 2 out of an original 10, at the start of my treatment.
 It was determined that I have been favoring my knee when walking, thereby causing
the relating pains in other areas.  My goal now is to focus on straightening my
posture, which results in walking properly with pain.  Through my visits with Mr.
Kuzminov, I learned to deal with my stress and pain with Acupunture, herbology and
oils, rather than prescription or over the counter pain medications.  
Jean W.  Stamford CT.

I am 30 year old electrician and my work requires me to crawl in peoples attics and very tight spaces in houses and different buildings. Usually there is a lot of dirt, dust and different types of particles around. This creates huge problems since I had allergies and could not breathe without some form of medication. I also have been diagnosed with colitis by a medical doctor for which I have been taking medication. It was harder and harder for me to work. I came to see Alexander Kuzminov complaining of fatigue, allergies and problems with my bowels due to colitis. The medication given to me by my medical doctor did not work well at all. I started to have acupuncture and herbal treatments with Alexander. Two months later I began to feel better overall – my bowels did not present that many problems and my allergies started to go away. Six months after I started treatments with Alexander all of my symptoms disappeared. It has been two years now and I still have no symptoms or problems with my allergies or my bowels”

Thank You Alexander Kuzminov – you treatments gave me my life back !!

Kosta Dimetrov, Norwalk CT.

I have been an active acupuncture patient of Alexander’s for approximately 9 years. His diagnostic and treatment skills are of the highest quality I have experienced in an acupuncture setting. I was fortunate to receive acupuncture treatment from Alexander during my fertility treatments, throughout a very healthy twin pregnancy, natural delivery, and a very speedy postpartum recovery. Acupuncture treatments from Alexander were also part of my successful healing process from hip surgery. From my very first visit with Alexander to my current day treatments, he always takes the time to talk with me to achieve a very thorough understanding of my reason(s) for seeking treatment. In addition to the healthy pregnancy and speedy hip surgery recovery, Alexander’s acupuncture treatments have provided me relief from chronic pain, stress, faster healing after illness, and has helped me maintain a healthy immune system. Alexander has the skill and ability as a practitioner to get right to the source of the problem which in turn has aided my body in healing very quickly. As a massage therapist, and someone that has experienced many different “hands-on” practitioners I highly recommend Alexander for his exceptional acupuncture treatments. He is precise and professional.

Cindy R.
Massage Therapist

I would like tell you a little bit about my experience with Alexander

Kuzminov. I went to see Alex in November of 2007 because I was suffering
from extreme sinus problems combined with hives. My sinuses have been a
life-long issue for me and in the past ten years I had been getting
numerous infections each year, and was taking multiple courses of
antibiotics in order to cure them.  I was really feeling helpless that I
would not be able to find a way to alleviate my sinus problems.
Alex took one look at me an immediately understood my problem. I was
incredibly weak from years of taking antibiotics and I had compromised
my digestion considerably.  Alex treated me with acupuncture and herbs
and adjusted my diet to avoid dairy. He also counseled me on appropriate
exercise levels and rest. I saw results very quickly and astonishingly,
in my first year of seeing him I did not suffer one sinus infection.
That was certainly a life long record for me. And my overall health
improved as well.

I continue to see him every few weeks and I have been able to maintain
healthy sinuses and have also grown much stronger in general. It was a
personal victory for me this year to be the only person in my office not
to get the flu. I can't underscore enough how impossible that
achievement would have been in the past. Alex and his treatments have
really changed my life.


Christina Lowris 


I began acupuncture treatment for my asthma and stomach sensitivity in March of 2007.For the past 17 years I would have to use my inhaler each time I exercised and I would often use my inhaler for asthma attacks about 2-3 times a month. I did not take medication for my asthma each day I would only use the inhaler as needed. In February 2007 I had to go to the emergency room for an asthma attack and that was the second time in a year that I had to go to the emergency room for asthma treatment. I did see an asthma/allergy specialist who prescribed 4 different medications to take daily and that is when I decided to take an alternative route. I began seeing Alexander Kuzminov once a week in March 2007 and he treated me with acupuncture as well as herbs. Each week he asked numerous questions about my diet and exercise and I was able to discover that certain foods were causing my stomach problems and that in turn was causing my asthma attacks. The one thing that I also learned that if I exercise too much that will deplete the energy in my body which in turn will inevitably cause an asthma attack. After 17 years of exercising with an inhaler I no longer need it. My asthma attacks are very few and far between and if I do happen to have an attack I can usually trace it back to something I ate a day or two before. I no longer get the severe stomach pains I use to suffer from because I know what I put into my body will affect how I feel. I like knowing that the acupuncture and the herbs are helping to get my body back into balance so it can function correctly rather than taking numerous medications to mask the symptoms my body was displaying. I highly recommend going to see Alexander for acupuncture treatments if you want to once and for all take control of what is going on with your body and stop just treating symptoms but rather treating the problem!

-Susan Combis

Dear Alex:

 I just wanted to let you know that my symptoms have disappeared thanks
 to the acupuncture and herbal treatment I undertook with you from 
 February 2007 to January 2008.

 As you know, when I came to you, I was desperate for a solution to the
 extreme facial rashes, redness, swelling and itchiness that was 
 severely affecting my quality of life. I had tried traditional Western
 medicine (steroids, antihistamines, etc.) along with naturopathy and 
 some other treatments but there was never any relief. I was unable to 
 function normally at times as the irritation from my face was so 
 severe, painful and distracting. The treatment you provided gradually 
 reduced my symptoms, and by the end of 2007, I had so few symptoms 
 that I no longer required any treatment at all! Since then, I have
 remained symptom-free.
 Thanks so much!


 Brent Donnelly